Friday, October 14, 2011

Butter London Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

If your having some trouble chosing the perfect Fall nail color, this might help you decide. These five shades are gorgeous and affordable.
You can find Butter London shades at NORDSTROM or Ulta for $14. Enjoy!

Image via productgirl
1. Toff : A darker dusty rose pink
    2. Wallis : A tarnished metallic gold
                     3. Bluey : A slightly metallic dark peacock blue
             4. Knees Up : A slightly metallic flirty red
               5. No More Waity Katie : A soft lilac glitter

Nonie Creme says of her collection:
"My inspiration was a variation on jewel tones. Imagine taking a traditional jewel tone palette, then moving each shade about two notes to the left. This means garnet instead of a sapphire, and an olive patina gold instead of a brassy or yellow tone. "

DID YOU KNOW: No More Waity Katie was released in March prior to the Royal Wedding!

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