Monday, October 17, 2011

What is Eco Emi?

Eco Emi :
- $15 a month sunscription.
- 100% Natural or Organic
- Food, Beauty, Accessories

March 2011 Eco Emi Box:
1. oragnic pasta
2. berry + honey face mask
3. shampoo + conditioner
4. lavender bath salts
5. stress relief serum
6. sole rescue foot balm
7. pink loose eyeshadow

Christine, the founder of Eco Emi came accross a blog post I had on CocoChristine (my old blog) a few months back and sent me a March Eco Emi box to try out. I was really excited because I had heard great reviews on it. I think the concept of Eco Emi is great. Pesonally it didn't fit into my likes or interests and I knew I would'nt use any of the products or buy them full-size. For more information, check out!

Pros: The Box as shipped in less than a week.
         A brochure of each company is included.
         There's always at least 8-10 samples to try.

Cons: The sample sizes are very small.
          It's $5 more than Birchbox.
          You get a variety of different products ranging from food to skincare.
          All the companies are just coming out and un-heard of.

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