Friday, January 20, 2012

Textbooks for iPad

When it comes to being a full time college student and having a job, there isn't very much time I have too waste. Actually, there's none. This semester alone, I spent around $400 on textbooks for 4 classes that I'll only be attending for 5 months. I'm not even able to highlight or write in my textbooks if I'm going to sell them, and to me, it seems like a big waste of money. Now days, professors are making you buy the textbooks just to get the online code that comes with them, to do all of the material on the internet. Apple just introduced a brilliant idea that will evolve the education system tremendously. I know Apple products aren't the cheapest, but they are the best money can buy. With the online textbooks that Apple is offering  for the iPad, you're able to highlight the text, make notes, and it turns that important material into a study guide for you. Not only is it more fun to read off the iPad than a boring old textbook, it will make students want to learn more!

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