Friday, March 30, 2012

March Birchbox

Opening my mail in the beginning of each month is always so exciting. I have my Birchbox and Jewelmint piece to look forward to, plus all of my fashion mags that usually take me the entire 30 some odd days to read! It's like I get a mini Christmas every few weeks, it's pretty amazing.

This month of March, Birchbox collaborated with Teen Vogue to do an extra special box for all of the ladies out there who love their magazine just as much as I do. The box included special picks from Teen Vogue beauty guru Eva Chen including tips and tricks that come in handy while finding the perfect look for you.

This Birchbox not only came with excellent products, but it came with two FULL SIZE products as well. Essie Nail Polish costing $8 and the Tart Lip Tint costing $24, you definitely got your money's worth.

I am in love with all of the products that came in my surprise box. I can't wait to try the Essie silver glitter polish on my finger nails for a night out with the girls. And I can already tell you I'm obsessed with the Tart Lip Tint in the color Amused. For more information about Birchbox, visit! It's only $10 a month, and you get deluxe makeup products delivered to your door. It can't get any better than that.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

Tonight is the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games (a trilogy of the above books pictured above) and it is going to be AH-MAZ-ING! Unlike almost all of my friends, I haven't read the book, but I am convinced that the movie will be even more of a surprise for me! If your excited about this film, and are a fanatic about the books...Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I'm going to be exhausted as it's my first midnight movie premiere but I am soo excited!
(The cast of The Hunger Games poses for Vanity Fair)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Nail Polish Picks

It's the time of the season where the first day of Spring is a few days away and bright colors are starting to pop up every where. I pulled out nine of my favorite shades above (some new, some old) that will continuously be on my nails from now till August. It adds some color to my room when they are displayed on my pretty Marc Jacobs Daisy Fresh Box. I'm starting to have a lot of fun with my nail polish now that my body is getting a nice glow. I always think manicures and bold nails look better on dark skin or very fair skin.

1) Revlon 185 Sweet Tart     2) BCBG The OC     3) BCBG Malibu    4) Revlon 092 Blue Lagoon

 I tend to buy mostly name brand and expensive nail polish, but there are a few drugstore picks under $5 that have made my favorites list this season.. including some amazing glitters by Revlon!

1) Milani 531 Gold     2) Revlon 934 Blue Mosaic    3) Revlon 940 Facets of Fuchsia    4) Milani 530 Gems

Milani and Revlon are the best when it comes to sparkling glitters. They are inexpensive and great to layer over a bright color to make your nails glisten in the sunlight. 

1) 310 Sunset Orange       2) Pink Flamenco       3) Fiercely Fiona       4) Who The Shrek Are You

The two OPI polishes to the right were purchased somewhat on accident. Both are from the Shrek collection (if you couldn't tell by the names) which I had first seen on a YouTube video. Allison aka Amarixe swears by "Who The Shrek Are You" and I had to try it out for myself. It looks gross in the bottle, but trust me you will be blown away too! It's the sunlight that really makes the green stand out from other colors.

1) Splash of Grenadine    2) Mint Candy Apple    3) Lilacism    4) Watermelon    5) A Crewed Interest

I am a loyal Essie lover for many reasons. Their polish stays on my nails for a long time, and for some odd reason it helps them grow really fast. There are so many pretty colors to choose from. They have a lot of beautiful pastel shades that are perfect for Spring and Summer. My ALL TIME favorite color that I own is Splash of Grenadine pictured above. I have it on my toes about eighty percent of the time and I get compliments on it almost everytime I go out. If your a nail polish junkie like me, I'd love to see your favorite polishes as well.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interior Design - The Selby

The Selby is one of my favorite places to go to for Interior Design inspiration. Todd Selby is a photographer who show's people an inside view of other individuals space.His first book "The Selby Is In Your Place" was released in May 2010 and since then he has collaborated with NY Times T Magazine and photographs some of the most creative and interesting people all over the world.

These six photos are my top favorite in the past few years!
Images 1-3 are of Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundiff's NYC Home.
Images 4-5 are of Abigail Ahern's London home.
And Image 6 is photographed in Pamela Love's home. - one of my favorite jewelry designers.

(All Images taken via Todd Selby - The Selby)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tanning : Yay or Nay?

The study is as common as cigarettes and cancer. We all know that tanning beds are not good for our skin but we still tan anyway. Dr. Doris Day (a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC) says "indoor tanning is like smoking for your skin". She says "It's the single worst thing you can do in terms of skin cancer and premature aging." Teenagers and young adults tend to not think about skin cancer and the harms of their body because they are so young. Tanning beds have the same ratio of UV waves as the sun. UVA-1 is the primary wave length emitted by the sun and that is what most tanning beds emit. In an article on USA Today, it says "The FDA now requiress sunscreens to have a minimum SPF of 15 and be labeled as broad sprectrum to show that it protects against both UVA and UVB waves. 

I wanted to talk about tanning because a couple days ago I purchased a monthly tanning membership at a local Tanning Salon with my friend Brittany. She is going to Mexico on Spring Break and well, I'm just as white as a piece of paper (not literally) and I wanted to get a head start before I start laying out. I go everyday  except Sunday and I know it is really bad for my skin, but what do you think? I wouldn't be skeptical if there wasn't a history of cancer in my family. 

If you live in the Central Valley area, SunShine Tan (used to be SunCity Tan) is  located on 2745 W. Shaw (Suite123) Fresno, Ca 93711. The owner Krishna is the sweetest, most outgoing person and she's running a  $25 monthly membership for students! For more information call: (559) 225-8261.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

PLEASE watch this 30min video and spread the word. We CAN make a difference!
To learn more about the Invisible Children #StopKony2012 Campaign visit: The Invisible Children Website!
Thank You for your support on an amazing Charity.
xo- Christine

Friday, March 2, 2012

Emily Schuman's Makeup Routine

If your new to my blog, then there is something you need to know. Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere is a huge inspiration to me. She is a big part of why I started blogging. Everything from her clothing style, cooking skills, and interior design ideas are impeccable. She is in the process of writing her first book (based off her blog) and this month became a guest blogger for Estee Lauder. She's designed a bag with Coach in 2010 and modeled for Forever 21's look book. There are so many opportunity's the blogging world can lead to if you have the passion and drive to go far. Check out Emily's Tips on Estee Lauder, and see how she does her everyday makeup in the video below! To pre-order her book Cupcakes and Cashmere, go to Amazon. Have a FANTASTIC Friday!