Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interior Design - The Selby

The Selby is one of my favorite places to go to for Interior Design inspiration. Todd Selby is a photographer who show's people an inside view of other individuals space.His first book "The Selby Is In Your Place" was released in May 2010 and since then he has collaborated with NY Times T Magazine and photographs some of the most creative and interesting people all over the world.

These six photos are my top favorite in the past few years!
Images 1-3 are of Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundiff's NYC Home.
Images 4-5 are of Abigail Ahern's London home.
And Image 6 is photographed in Pamela Love's home. - one of my favorite jewelry designers.

(All Images taken via Todd Selby - The Selby)

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