Monday, April 23, 2012

Inside Emily's Room

Meet Emily. She's brings out my adventurous side and inspires me to do what I love.
Let's take a peek inside her room. It's pretty fabulous just like her.

{inside her pastel yellow bathroom above the vanity}

{the inspiration board wall with lace and bright colors}

{a beautiful white silk shirt being hung to dry}

{a glass bowl with bracelets and rings as well as a hand made earring board}

{3 beautiful clutches hang in front of a bold red sweater}

{a stack of styling books that lays on her desk, marked with post-its}

{moving ceiling fan, artwork, and bright lights in the bathroom} 

{my favorite kitty dish that sits on her vanity is beyond cute}

{make-up galore..make every woman a little giddy} 

{a gorgeous red lace-inspired painting by Emily, sits in front of her sewing machine}

{an interesting painting that hangs next to her vanity is one of my favorites}

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