Monday, April 16, 2012

Trend Alert: The Caviar Manicure

A new nail polish trend is blowing up in the UK thanks to Ciate. The caviar manicure consists of tiny balls that stick to your nails, covering them completely, appearing as if its caviar. Over, the weekend I stopped by Michael's with Heather and we picked up some microbeads (which came in all different colors)! We didn't have any nail polish with us, so we picked up a Revlon pink and a cheap clear coat by NYC just to try it out. The total cost was only $10, which is a good deal for the complete look. Ciate will be releasing in Sephora and select beauty stores in the US in late April, but if your like me and don't want to wait to try this out, search for some microbeads at a local Fabric Store and I'm sure you can find some! The thought of this idea is so creative. If you mess around with other materials I'm sure your manicure will turn out to be one of a kind!

The Experience: I applied one coat of pink polish onto my nails and then let them dry. Then for each nail, I put the second coat on and dumped the microbeads on while the nail was wet (letting the excess beads fall into a bowl) so the entire nail was completely covered. After all of my nails were done, I added a clear coat on top to secure the beads in place. It turned out very dull, so if you want the full effect I would leave the clear coat off.

My Thoughts: If your someone who tends to pick their nails at boredom, then this is not for you. I absolutely love the way that this manicure photographs, but it did not last long at all. I usually paint my nails every 4-5 days because I like experimenting with colors, but this peeled and flaked right off in a matter of hours. 

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