Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Birchbox

 Having this months Birchbox come relatively early was total bliss. I was curious to see what was awaiting inside as I picked up the box and it was heavy. I can now see why!
I have a few mini vacations planned to the beach which is where I'd love to live someday.. The Birchbox team was right. They put together a box of products worth trying in a hot, traveling, kind of month! 

I haven't been disappointed by Birchbox yet. The products that their team chooses to bring out, always have something to do with the month and season. On the plus side, unlike other services, the products you get are  very generous in size and lasts me a long time so I know if I would want to purchase them. 

Stila is one of my favorite brands when it comes to lip products (after discovering the Lip Stick through Birchbox). I have never tried a Stila face product until this one. The beauty balm is somewhat of a BB Cream with a little more coverage than your average foundation. It left my skin dewey and not oily, which is a miracle. 

Another scent to put on my Summer wishlist. This fragrance is not over-powering and unusual. It's always nice to find a smell that not everyone is wearing. Designer and celebrity perfumes are just getting too publicised for the money rather than the way the product actually sells. A lot of people will put their face on the front of anything if it gets them a million dollars. I'll be enjoying the smell of this throughout my week!

I have never used a lip or cheek stain before... (well, somewhat trying benefit benetint, and hating it) so the Stainiac sample by The Balm was an interesting find. I'll definitely get to experiment with it more this weekend. The problem I have using stains rather than lipsticks is the moisture effect. As long as I keep a lip balm over the top I am usually fine, but there is nothing worse than chapped and dry lips! 

This is the first product I jump at when I opened my Birchbox! I used it last night before bed, and it left my face smelling fresh and clean. I'm pretty sure it made me sleep better!

The Birchbox bonus this month was a ModCloth headband. Also found at the bottom of the box.. a ModCloth couopn for $10 off $75 or more. I am not a huge fan of the clothing company. It's a little simple and (etsy-like) for the money.. but I'll put this metal and fabric headband to good use and wear it on my days off while lounging around at home. The pattern is just as cute as a button!

Sign-Up for Birchbox HERE!
You could always try it for a month.
Trust me, you'll fall in love with it like I have!

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