Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beauty Subscriptions

Which beauty subscription service is best for you?
I first discovered the world of beauty subscription services back in late 2010 when I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers, missglamorazzi (Ingrid Nilsen) and she mentioned Birchbox. The thought of getting surprise makeup products delivered to your door every month is the coolest idea ever imagined. I subscribed to Birchbox for a year starting in January 2011 and I really liked the products I was receiving. It is nice to get deluxe samples of products that you can try before purchasing them, and you get to use new products that you never knew existed. Since Birchbox was released, there had been tons of new beauty subscription services that have been introduced. Earlier this year I cancelled my Birchbox service because I was getting too many skincare products instead of makeup products. I subscribed to Glossybox (a more expensive version of Birchbox) to see if I enjoyed it more. There were some really good full-size products that came in Glossybox, but I started getting more sunscreen and moisturizers so I cancelled my subscription. About 6 months ago I subscribed to Ipsy (the same price as Birchbox) which comes in a makeup bag instead of a box. I absolutely love Ipsy, and for the price you get some fantastic products. I enjoy the makeup bags and can always use them for different things. Eventually I would like to experiment with some more of these subscription services to see which one I like best. I've only tried Birchbox, Ipsy, and Glossybox.
{Listed below are 13 different beauty subscriptions listed from lowest in price to highest. }

1. BIRCHBOX ($10 a month/$110 a year)

2. IPSY ($10 a month)

3. Lip Monthly - Everything Lips ($10 a month)

4. Beauty Box Five ($12 a month/$99 a year)

5. Petit Vour ($15 a month)

6. Allure - Sample Soiety ($18 a month)

7. Boxycharm ($21 a month)

8. Glossybox ($21 a month)

9. Beauty Fix ($25 a month)

10. MemeBox ($25 a month)

11. French Box ($36 a month)

12. New Beauty - Test Tube ($38.90 every 2 months)

13. Fab Fit Fun ($50 every 2 months)

All of these subscriptions are different in their own way. Depending on what kind of products you'd rather get in the mail. Some subscriptions have you create a beauty profile and take a quiz to somewhat customize to your taste, and others don't. For more information, visit each subscription service to see which one you might like best.

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