Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hair Hungry

 My natural hair color is somewhere between brown and a "dirty dishwater" blonde color. I always like to dye my hair lighter during the Summer but it's hard to get it blonde without making it look yellow, or blend well, rather than making it look streaky. I wanted to get my hair done before my mother's surprise party this past weekend, but my regular hair lady could not get me in. I ended up making a spur of the moment appointment with a new lady that some people refereed me to. I told her I wanted partial highlights on top and that I wanted it to blend really well. She did exactly that. I was so happy with the way my hair turned out. I should have taken some before pictures but I didn't. I also had her cut about 3 inches off because I had quite a few split ends.
Hair Done On: Friday June 12, 2015
Pictures Taken On: Wednesday June 17, 2015
-- Do blondes really have more fun?! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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