Sunday, July 12, 2015

Art of Life Cancer Foundation - Healing Garden

The Art of Life is a cancer foundation founded by Dr, Christopher Perkins of Fresno, California. Their mission is to inspire people impacted by cancer to connect and heal through creative expression. "People everywhere touched by cancer will discover the art of life through creative expression. Core values include: inclusiveness, integrity, excellence, respect, empowerment, courage, and faith.

The Art of Life Foundation provides healing arts programs that pair cancer survivors with outstanding local artists in order to co-create unique pieces of art about life, hope, and survivorship. Dr.Perkins founded this foundation with his deep compassion for his patients and a desire for them to address their cancer holistically. He describes The Art of Life phenomenon as "an important step for everyone with a cancer diagnosis - to not just fight to survive, but to understand how cancer can offer each person a new life in a very personal way."

The Art of Life's newest addition - The Healing Garden will be three acres and stretch along the east side of the San Joaquin River located on the edge of Woodward Park in North Fresno. "This collaborative project encourages cancer survivors, families affected by cancer, and the local community to design, build, plant, and creatively express what cancer has taught them about the art of living.

The Healing Garden will feature:
-A cancer ribbon trail as the focal point.
-Art sculptures created by local artists.
-Playscapes for children and their families to nurture the spirit of play and laughter.
-An amphitheater to gather and celebrate life's special moments.
-Areas for reflection with a view of the Sierra Mountains and the flow of the San Joaquin River.
-Picnic tables and benches interspersed throughout for family and friends to gather.
-A labyrinth that will help calm and center visitors as they walk to the center and back again.
-Art kiosks to showcase cancer survivors masterpieces for all to be encouraged.

I am so happy to be involved in this wonderful project as it means so much to me. Dr. Perkins is a fantastic doctor and a wonderful man who has helped my family in a big way. Cancer is something that weighs heavy on my heart as I have lost most of my immediate family to the horrible disease. This project will provide loved ones with bonding time over the art of life all while bringing smiles to their faces. For more information visit

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