Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chasing Mavericks

Today does not feel like a Wednesday, probably because Justin and I took our dog Reddick to Shaver Lake for the day and ate lunch at Shaver Pizza. Since it feels like a lazy Sunday-movie-day, I thought I'd introduce to you one of my all time favorite movies if you haven't seen it already.
Chasing Mavericks is a film that was released in October of 2012 based on a true story filmed in Santa Cruz, California. Local boy Jay Moriarity discovers a love of surfing after he learned about the tide by timing the waves. After falling in the water at a young age he was saved by his next door neighbor Frosty, who also became his mentor and father figure. The biggest waves on Earth called Mavericks, were only a few miles from his home and he wanted to surf them as soon as he could. Frosty (an excellent surfer) began training Jay to surf Mavericks. Along the way they bonded closer together and by the end of it Jay became the youngest boy (age 16) ever featured on Surfing magazine. Sadly, he died while free diving in the Maldives at 22 years old.
I spent most of my childhood in Santa Cruz, it is a beautiful city and they have some of the biggest waves you can ride nearby in Half Moon Bay. Although I did not know Jay personally, I know from what others have said that he was such a great young man. He was always full of life, and looked on the bright side of every situation.This movie does a really good job at capturing the emotions that this story brought out. It is filled with love, passion, and all the strengths that life brings. Let me tell you that it's not your average surfing movie, so If you haven't seen it I recommend you watch it. 

Hope your week is going great, it's half way over!

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