Friday, July 17, 2015

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil

I have always been skeptical about introducing oils in my skincare routine. I know they are incredibly good for you but from having acne prone skin, they scare me. This product is relatively new and something different that Garnier came out with. The mineral oil is suppose to dissolve makeup and soften the skin. It contains jojoba and macadamia oils which goes deep in the skin to moisturizer and replenish the surface. I was nervous to use this product at first because I didn't know how my skin would react. Yes, the formula is very oily but once your finished rubbing it into your skin and add water it turns into a creamy cleansing-like consistency.

How To Use: Apply 1-3 pumps onto your fingertips and massage it onto your skin. Make sure that your hands and face are dry once applying it. Rub the oil all over your face, including your eyes to get all your eye makeup off. Leave the oil on your skin for a few minutes to let the oil absorb, then rinse with warm water. The formula will leave your skin feeling soft, and now after using this product three times and I can see slowly that my skin is a lot less dry and more nourishing after I'm finished cleansing!

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