Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pont des Arts - Paris

[Image via Guillaume Armantier]

I've never been to Paris before but have always wanted to visit. Among my top three places to see include Fashion Week, Coco Chanel's apartment and lastly the Pont de Arts bridge (which is now being taken apart for what it's known for). 

"The Pont des Arts is a Parisian pedestrian bridge linking the Louvre to the south bank of the river." Over the years it became a tradition for couples all over the world to visit the bridge, write their initials on a padlock and attach it to the railing. Now that it had become so popular there was approximately three quarters of a million locks which made the structure weak. In case it couldn't hold all the weight and collapse, the city had to take charge and remove them for good. 

"Earlier this month, cranes began detaching sections of the bridge's railings, padlocks, and carting them away for disposal." City Metrics states, "by September, new plexiglass will be installed but for now- wooden boards designed by Parisian graffitti artists and taken the place of padlocks." It looks like a beautiful view from the bridge, especially at night. Even though the locks of love are taken away, I still can't wait to visit this beautiful city one day. 
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