Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mario Testino -Towel Series

Mario Testino is one of the best fashion photographers of ALL TIME.. literally he has photographed everyone who is "somebody" in the fashion industry. He is extremely talented and has a way behind the lens unlike any other photographer. 

A series that started randomly on his instagram page was the beginning of something "real" and unique when he simply noticed Kate Moss sitting in a rob on set and decided to photograph her. " A white towel was wrapped tightly around her head, and the ongoing series has grown to become a liberating lens." 

The meaning behind the towel comes from freedom of expression. He realized while photographing the models and celebrities that they can do anything they want with the towel and express themselves in whatever way they want.

Anna Wintour (EIC of American Vogue) recently became his latest picture. We are not used to seeing miss Wintour in such casual attire so this photo is a real gem. Her signature bob and cut-across bangs nails this photo head on as she gives the camera a grin (the face of a powerful fashion "God"). To see more of the Towel Series photos, visit Mario's Instagram. You won't be disappointed.

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