Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tavi Gevinson Is A New Face For Clinique

[Image via Nick Hudson for Rolling Stone Magazine circa August 2014]

Tavi Gevinson has accomplished a lot for just a nineteen year old. More than most people accomplish in their entire life. She started her fashion blog Style Rookie at the age of twelve which led her to create a powerful voice in pop culture and feminism. Now, she is the founder and editor-in chief of online website Rookie Mag as well as an actress, and most recently the new face of Clinique's social media campaign, #FaceForward. She was chosen by Clinique because she has achieved so much at a young age, and as a global influencer they thought it was a perfect opportunity for this special campaign.

Clinique is a brand who believes that anything is possible. The brand is hoping to encourage a new generation to try the now iconic three-step cleansing system by engaging with young women through their new campaign. With a call out to fresh faced Tavi Gevinson is a look towards the future. 


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