Monday, July 20, 2015

Pineapple Smoothie

Warmer weather and Summer festivities pushes me to try new things. Pinterest has become my holy grail website when it comes to DIY ideas. Actually this smoothie in a pineapple idea came from a YouTube video done by Bethany Mota. Her version looked much better but I promise it tastes just as good. If only I were drinking this on a tropical island while tanning by the ocean... a girl can dream right? So instead, I decided to try and bring the tropics to my home. 
Step 1: Get a Pineapple from the grocery store and let it sit out a couple of days so the inside gets soft and juicy. 
Step 2: Cut the top off the pineapple evenly so you can use it as your cup.
Step 3: Hollow out the inside of the pineapple. I cut the outer ridges and then used a small scooper to take out the meat.
Step 4: Have your blender nearby so you can add the pineapple to your smoothie mixture. I added ice, orange juice, strawberries, and mango in addition to the pineapple. 
Step 5: After your pineapple is some what hollow enough, pour your blended smoothie inside

Add a straw and drink up! 

Don't get me wrong, this drink is super cute but it was a pain in the ass to make. The smoothie would have tasted the same in a regular glass, but this just gives a more tropical feel to the drink! Just be aware that this can get pretty messy when scooping out the pineapple. I had to use a few different size knives and a small scoop. If you have time, I'd try to make this at least once. It would be super cute for an outdoor party or a small outdoor barbecue with some friends. 

FINISHED DRINK! Yes, it was delicious! 

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