Sunday, August 9, 2015

99 Cent Store Haul

I took a trip to the 99 cent store last night because I needed some random things like hair ties, gift bags, and caffeine pills (couldn't find any). I like to walk down every aisle to check out what they have, because you never know what kind of gems you can get for a buck! 

I was getting my hair ties and came across these tubes of oil next to the shampoo and conditioners. I use oil on my body for everything, to moisture my legs, to deep condition my hair, to treat acne scars on my body, I even use oil on my face at night and under my eyes. Well these 3 tubes jumped out at me so I decided to buy them since they were only a dollar. 

Different types of oils can be very expensive because they are usually pure and contain no other ingredients except for that kind of oil. When I looked on the back of these tubes there were a bunch of random oils that I couldn't pronounce which kind of brought up a red flag for me, I still purchased them because I can still use them in my hair or on my legs. 

Now when you're buying oils for your skin, make sure you look in the ingredients to see what the product contains. There should be no more than two to three other oils other than what it says on the outside of the bottle. I know that Physicians Formula just released a 100% pure argan oil in their collection for only $14.99 which is an incredible price considering Josie Maran goes for $40 a bottle. 

I also picked up a Blistex chapstick in simple and sensitive because my lips get so dry in the Summer. Then I saw a product from Garnier and got really excited. It said skin renewal SPF 30 and I thought it was a facial moisturizer. Well it turns out that it is a hand cream that gets rid of dark spots and helps with wrinkles. 

I don't have a problem with my hands being dry or spotted but I bought this cream anyways. I figure that I can use it on my inner thighs because I have some dark spots from acne scars, as well as my arms. The packaging had a "new" sign on it which I thought was interesting because I've never seen a Garnier product in the 99 cent store, much less a new product at all. 
I was looking for some caffeine pills because my friend Chrissy (EIC of A Kiss of Skinny) said she found some there, but I either missed them or they ran out. I know it sounds bad to take caffeine pills but I get up at 4;30 AM every morning to go to bootcamp before work, and you better believe that I am exhausted. I only get around four to five hours of sleep a night on the week days due to my busy schedule, so those caffeine pills help. They are only 200mg  which is equivalent to one cup of coffee. You burn the most amount of fat if you do your cardio on an empty stomach. So if I am really feeling like I cannot get out of bed, I will pop one of these in my mouth with some water and head out the door. 

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