Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bath & Body Works Cork & Vine Handsoaps

Bath and Body Works came out with their black cherry Merlot scent a little while ago and it has been such a success, so they decided to add 6 more soaps inspired by Napa Valley to the collection.
New Scents
1. Napa Valley Sunset - Valley Plum, Vineyard Pomegranate, & Golden Amber
2. White Peach Chardonnay - Peach, Chardonnay Leaves, & Vanilla Orchid
3. California Citrus & Sunshine - Lemon, Grapefruit, & Blonde Woods
4. Wild Vineyard Bloom - Peonies, Autumn Vines, & Port Wine
5. Sonoma Sunflower Blossom - Sunflowers, Orange, White Grape
6. Ripe Raspberry Vine - Raspberries Ripening On The Vine

Old Scent
Black Cherry Merlot - Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry, and Merlot

You can purchase this collection online at Bath & Body Works or at any local BBW store. All of their handsoaps are mix and match 4 for $18 or 6 for $24. Each soap individually is 6.50 but I know they are having a good sale online right now so go check that out. You can also get free shipping on all orders over $50 with code 10FORFREE.

I absolutely love Bath and Body Works handsoaps, almost as much as their candlets. Each hand soap has nourishing Aloe and protective Vitamin E which leaves your hands softly scented and clean. The foaming handsoaps like this collection are nice and moisturizing however; the gritty kind with beads inside is my favorite. I feel like the grit beads gives your hands more of a deep cleanse. Did I mention that they also have candles in ALL of these fragrances? YES, they do and I love them all! Also, for additional coupons check apps Retail-Me-Not and Shopular!

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