Sunday, August 23, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (8/23)

I'm excited to introduce a new series to you (Caffeine with Christine) that I'll be doing every Sunday. It will be a way for me to just talk to you about my weekend, and talk about what is coming up in the next week.

This weekend was spent doing some deep cleaning and relaxing. Last weekend we went camping so I'm still trying to re-coop and get all the laundry done from that trip. 

Friday night we ate at one of my favorite mexican restaurants (Casa Corona) for dinner. Following dinner, Justin and I went to Pet Extreme to pick up a new collar for our dog Reddick since it got completely destroyed up at Courtright. 

Saturday, I actually got to sleep in (first time in months) and enjoy my morning. I cooked breakfast (a delicious omelette) and ran some errands, then spent the afternoon cleaning the house, which desperately needed to be done. 

This morning I decided that it was okay to splurge, and picked up some donuts to enjoy with our coffee. I met my friend/old co-worker Allison for our nail appointment at noon and got to catch up with her over lunch. Tonight I'm making my signature homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner to go with the trout that Justin caught last weekend, so be sure to look out for an upcoming post on that very soon.

It's going to be a very busy week again. I found out that I will be driving out of town to Hanford and Tulare once a week now to cover some store calls until they get a new position filled. Not sure I've ever mentioned before, but I work as a marketing representative for Kraft Foods and Proctor & Gamble, so that causes me to drive to different stores to check product status and meet with managers. Olay is coming out with a new collection in their product line, and once that is released, I'll go ahead and give you details on that.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I take Sunday Funday very seriously and believe that a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content. Cheers to having a great week!


  1. Love it!!! So clever Caffeine with Xtine!

  2. Aweeee, sending love from New York. xoxo