Sunday, August 16, 2015

Camping at Courtright Reservoir

This weekend I went camping with Justin and his family up at Courtright Reservoir which is located in Fresno County, California in the Sierra National Forrest. The high sierra reservoir is formed by Courtright Dam in Helms Creek canyon.

It's primarily a fishing lake, also known as an "off river" storage reservoir that's at 8,170 feet elevation. It was build in 1958 by PG&E with it's primary purpose for hydroelectricity production. 

Courtright is known for having granite domes surrounding the area making it feel like Yosemite without having the crowds and tourists.There is an abundance of fish (mostly trout) up at Courtright which makes it fun to go out on the boat or fish from shore. 

We stayed at Trapper Springs campground in tents about a mile from the lake. I have not been "real" camping since I was a child so it was a lot of fun to get away from the city and truly experience nature without technology and electricity. We hung out at the lake during the days and fished then chilled out by the campfire every night and played charades.

This reservoir is a well hidden secret. The unusual dome-shaped rock formations create a surreal atmosphere with soul-stirring beauty. The high was 70 degrees and it got as cold at 40 degrees during the night, but it felt soo good. Considering it was 105 degrees in Fresno this weekend, I am glad we got to get out of town!

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