Monday, August 10, 2015

Kylie Jenner Turns 18

Happy 18th Birthday to miss Kylie Jenner who took advantage and celebrated the entire weekend, with three parties. Although her actual birthday is today, her "official" birthday soiree will take place in Montreal, Canada next weekend. Kylie is now an adult, but it seems like shes been 18 for a couple of years already. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan grew up faster than any of the ladies, but who are we kidding she got to see her sisters all do it first. 

It was a fun and emotional weekend for the family because Kylie's birthday brought everyone together, and by everyone, I mean Kris and Caitlyn Jenner actually hung out and posed for pictures together. The entire family celebrated with her and made her feel like a princess. Boyfriend, rapper, Tyga out did them all though and surprised her with the biggest gift of all, a $320,000 car. I can't even wrap my mind around getting a gift with that large of a price tag, but lets be real I live in "normal land" not a Hollywood lifestyle. For the past few days the Snapchats, and Instagram photos have been updated so we could see how the festivities went. Since Kylie went blonde for her birthday, she'll be able to answer the question: Do blondes have more fun?! 
Friday Kylie started her birthday off by giving back to the community. She posted a photo on Instagram of her in front of a cart of toys at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Following, was a fancy dinner at NOBU with her fanmily where she blew out her candles and wished for (well what more could a girl want) who knows. 

On Saturday, pictures were posted by her sisters and everyone in attendance wearing all black. There was black leather and studs, so maybe it was a bondage themed gathering. 

Last night (Sunday), was when it all went down. Kylie and her crew celebrated first with dinner at the Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood and then went to the after party at Bootsy Bellows where she received her real gift, a white Ferarri 482 Italia from her boyfriend Tyga. 

(In front of Bootsy Bellows where Tyga gave her keys to her new whip)
Mom and daughter immediately got in the new ride to test it out.
Among getting an early Hermes purse, she was gifted and lavished upon with the people she loves most. I think this tops all 18th birthdays in the history of birthdays! Even with all of the backlash and forever rumors about her lips, would you want to be Kylie Jenner for a day? Hmm, it'd be nice to see what that's like.

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