Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet Duke the Bloodhound

My father has been wanting a bloodhound since he was a kid and finally, at the wise age of 63 he decided to get his dream dog. My dad used to be a professional Bass fisherman in his twenties and hunting has been a hobby since he used to go with my grandpa at the age of 16. Throughout his adult life he has owned a black and tan coonhound and a miniature pinscher. He has been without a dog for the last couple of years and really missed having a "mans best friend".

Without knowing much about the breed he found an advertisement for Bloodhound puppies in the town of Los Banos, California and immediately jumped at the chance to take a look considering they are somewhat of a rare breed to find. He knew that Bloodhounds are hunting dogs, and that they are a large breed animal who is generally full of love and kindness. What he didn't know were the health factors and how high maintenance the breed really is. They have wrinkles all over, droopy eyes, and such large ears that need to be cleaned at least once a week to prevent infection.

He asked me to drive with him to look at the litter of puppies (which was an hour away) and I said of course. I mean, who doesn't want to play with a litter of adorable Bloodhound puppies?! We had first pick of the litter and my dad knew he wanted a male. There were five males to choose from and after playing with them and spending time with them I knew he had found his match, He ended up falling in love with a particular boy with a small white shaped "W" on his chest. This was the first time I saw my dad this happy in a really long time. You could tell in his eyes and by the largest smile on his face that he has so much love for this animal. It's his "baby boy" and he named him Duke. He totally fits his name by the way.

Since I have a background with animals (I worked at a boarding/grooming facility for five years) I've been helping my dad with Duke by going with him to training classes, helping bathe him and clean his ears, and giving him the tender loving care and attention he deserves. I have totally fallen in love with him and you'll see why. Even though he is the most stubborn puppy I have ever seen, his face will just make you melt.

Watch Duke grow from 4 weeks to 16 weeks.

(Duke at 4 weeks Old , the day we brought him home)

(Duke at 8 weeks on the left and 12 weeks on the right)

Duke at 16 weeks getting his second bath (which he isn't too fond of).

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