Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If Everyone Was Twining

What if all women had the exact same clothing options in their closets? What if all schools had uniforms? What if all women had to wear suits to work like men? Why do twins get to wear the same clothing and it not be weird? 

As I was waiting for my coffee at a local Starbucks, two women in their twenties appeared in front of me wearing the exact same outfit, minus the shoes. They were not twins, in fact, they weren't even related. A black and white striped shirt with lace overlay paired with rolled up jeans was what they were rocking. One was wearing sandals, and the other Nike's. What it some sort of coincidence or an intentional match? I'm not sure. 

This got me thinking at how the importance of fashion has really changed our lives. Usually in an office setting, you are given complete freedom to wear whatever you choose. For women, this could take hours trying to decide what to wear, because unlike men who wear a common suit, us ladies have to think about a lot of other factors. Is this skirt too short? Do I look too under-dressed? Is this office appropriate? Sure life is stressful enough as it is, so let's just add to the mix of extensive pressure on women to uphold a flawless appearance. 

On certain circumstances, men are taken seriously in the office no matter what they wear. A lot of people think that schools who have uniforms are more successful when it comes to learning an education. Possibly. There would be less time that students would be sent home from school due to dress code violations and more time focusing in the classroom. However; fashion is a way of expression to show who we are on the outside and how we feel. During school, students are learning who they are and how to express themselves.. 

No matter what people wear, the same outfit, or different outfits, they are going to be scrutinized for the way they styled it and accessorized it or how their body looks in it. It would be cool for one day to see what life would be like if everyone wore the same thing. Personally, I think it would be boring, and awful, and it would make me appreciate all the hard work and effort that designers take to create beautiful pieces. 

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