Sunday, September 13, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (9/13)

I have officially survived my first week of "healthy" meal prepping diet life. Considering I had a massive migraine the first three days from lack of carbs and sugar, I was definitely on the struggle bus, but I am feeling much better since my body has adjusted. I did have a "cheat" day on Friday and ate a burger, but other than that I stayed on my diet and workout plan. I'm hoping this week will be a lot easier and I look forward to experimenting with some new recipes and new ingredients I picked up at the grocery store. 

New York Fashion Week started Thursday which is exciting and distracted me towards the end of the week. Designers are currently showing their Spring/Summer 2016 collections and if you haven't seen my part one re-cap then go read yesterday's post. 

Since I've been on a low-carb and low-sugar diet I have had to drink more caffeine to keep my energy up. I like to switch it up from coffee and energy drinks by drinking tea. One of my classic favorites is Earl Grey Black Tea made by Bigelow. I honestly don't know how to explain the taste, people either love it or hate it because of the distinct flavor. If you enjoy a good cup of tea, I highly recommend trying Earl Grey to see if you'd enjoy it.

This week I plan on covering some more fashion week details as it comes to an end. I also plan on doing a go-to places list for our Washington/Oregon trip which is only 4 weeks away. I also received a NatureBox in the mail so look for my review on that shortly.

Today, I plan on staying indoors and staying away from the dirty, ashy air that Fresno is now receiving from the horribly large forest fire. I'm going to do some meal prepping and meet my dad at Duke's last puppy training program. Justin and I might rent a movie and get our usual 'Starbucks Sunday" drink (which varies for me but he always get his caramel frap). I hope you have a nice and relaxing Sunday as well, and cheers to a new productive week ahead. 

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