Sunday, September 20, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (9/20)

Good morning everyone, I feel like the weeks are just going by so slow and the weekend completely disappears. If only there were always 3-day weekends, life would just be the greatest. We all know how much I love coffee and tea, so finding really cute coffee houses (not Starbucks) but finding independent corner cafes totally makes me happy. There is a small coffee house in the heart of downtown Clovis called Kuppa Joy which is not only super cute, but has REALLY great tasting coffee. My favorite drink is their signature kuppa joy which is almost like a mocha with some extra spices. I can't really explain it, you'd just have to try it if you ever stop by. Their menu is simplistic yet modern and the indoor decor gives off a rustic vibe. There is also a nice covered patio in the back of the building which makes for a really great hangout spot with your friends/bf/gf/family. 
This week was intense considering I was training a new associate and had to drive to Tulare, Porterville, and Visalia two days in a row. Those cities are only an hour or two away so it wasn't too bad, but when you run into traffic jams and freeway closures, that calls for a long day. Since Monday and Tuesday were 11 hour days for me, and I was out of town, I had to fit my week long work schedule into 3 days which was pure craziness. I was able to get everything done but by Friday I was absolutely exhausted. 

Fashion week came to a close and I enjoyed seeing what all the designers had to present. The second week was even bigger than the first and damn were there some amazing looking garments to show for it. 

I must admit that I have literally done nothing this weekend and I am totally okay with that. Friday I visited a friend at her workplace to say hi and catch up, and then watched about 4 back-to-back shows on DVR until I fell asleep on the couch and found myself there at 4am to wobble to bed. I was scheduled to get an oil change at 8am but I slept through that appointment and figured, "ehh it can wait, I need my sleep". I slept in Saturday for the first time in a long time, like I got to really sleep in until about 10am which NEVER happens.

Today Justin and I are going to "try" and go see The Visit... by trying I mean, If we feel like going to the theater then we will, but it depends because it's Sunday and we like to do nothing. However, I'll be meeting my dad at Wooward Park again for a morning stroll with his new Bloodhound Duke so there's my workout for the day. We usually walk a good 3 mile dirt trail around the park, it's nice to get to spend time with my dad when our buys schedules allow us too! 

Well, what you should take away from this long blabber-mouth type post is that Kuppa Joy is fantastic and you should check it out if you're ever in Clovis, and that next week will hopefully go a lot faster that this week did. Look forward to a Naturebox review, and some other exciting new product reviews this week. Have a lovely and relaxing Sunday! 

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