Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Fall TV Shows I Started Watching

Blood & Oil - Sundays on ABC
"Dreaming of moving past their working-class roots and living a better life, Billy (Chase Crawford) and Cody Lefever (Rebecca Rittenhouse) move to North Dakota, the location of the biggest oil discovery in American history. Billy and Cody soon find themselves pitted against a ruthless oil tykoon named Hap -- played by Don Johnson ("Miami Vice") and marking his return to prime-time TV. Hap forces the young couple to bet big and put everything at risk -- including their marriage. Johnson also serves as an executive producer, alongside Tony Krantz, Josh Pate, Rodes Fishburned, and Drew Comins." [First episode date: September 27, 2015]
Quantico - Sundays on ABC
"This drama from executive producers Josh Safran and Mark Gordon explores the lives of young FBI recruits who have come to the Quantico base in Virginia for 21 weeks of training to become special agents. The recruits have been thoroughly vetted and are considered the best and brightest --but each one possesses secrets, including hidden reasons for enlisting. One recruit is harboring the biggest secret of all, and ends up being suspected of masterminding the biggest and most deadly attack on U.S. soil since 9/11." [First episode date: September 27, 2015]
Limitless - Tuesdays on CBS
"Starring Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT-48 which increases his IQ to four digits and gives him a perfect recall of everything he has ever read, heard, or seen. The show is based on the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper (who also is a recurring character), which in turn was based on the novel The Dark Fields." [First episode date: September 22, 2015]

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