Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Starbucks Hacks That Will Save You Money

I start every day with a cup of coffee and sometimes it's just easier to stop at my local Starbucks drive-thru than taking the (small amount) of time to make it at home, I am all about saving money, so here are some hacks/tips to make your dollar stretch a little farther at Starbucks in particular. A lot of these hacks you might have already known but there are a few that I just recently learned about, which says a lot since I've had a gold card since 2012. 

-Get Creative.
Instead of always ordering what is directly on the menu, make your own drinks and experiment with different flavors. For example, these drinks are all under $4: mint hot chocolate, raspberry passion tea lemonade, iced coffee with cream & flavored syrup, iced vanilla americano, caramel apple spice. 

-$2 Iced Lattes.
Usually all of the "lattes" are way over the $4 mark. However, if you order a triple espresso over ice in a venti cup, you can go over to the bar and add your own cream and sweetener for half the price. 

-Refills for $0.50.
If you order a hot or iced coffee or tea, you can take your cup back in a store at anytime of the day and get a refill for just $0.50.

-Bring Your Own Cup.
If you brink your own Starbucks cup, they will take $0.10 off your bill which doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up if you go a few times a week. 

-Free Water.
So if you order your drink inside, you'll notice that Starbucks offers bottled water inside the cold case next to the cash register. Well, don't buy it. I mean go for it, but you can get water for free. If you ask for a cup of water, they'll give you a Venti Filtered Water with ice at no charge at all. I mean why spend a few extra dollars on the bottle? 

-Full/Strong Iced Teas.
If you've ever ordered an ice tea at Starbucks then you'll notice that when they go to make your shaken drink, they pour half your cup with tea, add half water, and then fill the rest of the cup with ice and sweetener (whichever your preference is) and shake it before served. Well If you want twice the amount of caffeine and taste then ask for no water when you order your drink. One of my favorite teas to get is a half black, half green iced tea, with no water and two sweet-n-low.

-Sign up for the Starbucks Rewards Program.
All you have to do is buy a gift card or register one you already have and keep putting money on it and re-using it until you get to a "Green" and "Gold" level where they reward you with bonuses, For example, you get a free drink of any kind in the month of your birthday. You also get a free drink or food item after 12 purchases. Then you also get free in-store refills on any iced coffee or teas instead of paying that $0.50 fee.

-Order a short.
You may not have know that there is actually a smaller size cup than the tall. It;s called the "short" which is pretty ironic because it's cheaper. If you order a short cappuccino, it has the exact same amount of espresso as a tall. 

-Order a free "drink" for your dog.
If you ask for a puppuccino, your dog can get a small cup of whipped cream and no charge. What better way to share a coffee experience than with your dog?! 

-Split a drink.
If you and your friend are thinking of getting a frappuccino then split a venti and it will save both of you a dollar. Just ask for an extra grande cup to split it into and you're all set.

-Chai Tea Latte.
If you order a hot chai tea and have them add hot milk for $0.60 it will be cheaper than ordering a "latte"! 

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