Thursday, September 24, 2015

Starbucks Toasted Graham Latte


Step aside Pumpkin Spice, Starbucks has just unveiled a new and delicious creation. "It's milk and cookies all grown up!" On Wednesday (9/23) which also happened to be the first day of Fall, Starbucks released a new latte for the season, the first one in four years: The Toasted Graham Latte. Also, with their fist ever Fall decorated hot cup!

"I thought about the back-to-school season and looked at the latest food and beverage trends", the company's R&D Manager Yoke Wong said in a statement. "What I found to be quite popular in the U.S. is the taste of cereal milk, the delicious leftovers in your breakfast bowl." 

And so, the Toasted Graham Latte was born. The official statement on the Starbucks website describes it as: "an espresso beverage with steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream and finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles."

I decided to order the drink the first chance I could (because my mistake last Christmas I waited until the season was almost over before trying the Chestnut Praline Latte and fell in love with it but then could only order it for two weeks before it was gone) and tasted it immediately so I would know.

I ordered the drink hot, all of my lattes I get are hot except for maybe a vanilla latte every once in a blue moon. When I took the first sip, I could taste the whipped cream and cinnamon topping then I got a taste of toasty espresso. Like I mentioned before how much I love the Chestnut Praline Latte, this comes to a close tie. They are somewhat similar in flavor but the toasted graham is a lot less sweet than some of the seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice, and Caramel Brulee. I will say that I enjoy a pumpkin spice latte every now and then, but sometimes they are just too sweet to drink an entire cup. 

I give this drink an official "A+" because Starbucks did really well. My problem is that I get so attached to all the seasonal drinks and then they go away for months and months. If only Starbucks could keep their lattes all year round.

If you're a coffee obsessed freak like me, or if you're a normal person who enjoys a cup of caffeine in the morning, then I recommended trying the toasted graham latte. It's like espresso with a sweet and toasty flavor that's just the right amount to kick start your day, all while feeling warm and cozy on the inside. 

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