Sunday, October 11, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (10/11)

I am extra caffeinated this morning because this is the only day I have to get stuff done before our vacation to Vancouver, Washington. I have some major errands to run. Our flight leaves on Thursday at 5PM meaning I am going to be rushing and going straight from work, so I have to make sure I am packed and ready. 

A little while back I came across an Instagram account that I fell in love with and thought I'd share it with you. Nicole Duenke makes handmade letter mugs and paper goods from Ohio and sells them on her Etsy Morning Sunshine Shop. I love collecting coffee cups, especially unique and cute mugs that mean something to me and her mugs are just so darling, I love them all. I definitely recommend you check out her shop.

Lately, I've really been enjoying my coffee with some Coffee Mate seasonal creamers (mostly pumpkin spice, and peppermint mocha). I've also really been enjoying Starbucks new toasted graham latte, but it's not as good as the chestnut praline latte they bring out in the Winter.

I have a lot of exciting posts coming up including: my favorite palettes for Fall, breast cancer awareness month, and maybe even some new hot chocolate products. This week is probably going to go by really fast which is alright because I am looking forward to this week long vacation to escape this Fresno heat and enjoy some cooler weather.

What are some of your favorite drinks to drink this Fall season? Are you a coffee or tea drinker? I'd love to know. Here are the 3 mugs that I am especially loving from Nicole's shop. Her writing is just impeccable and the phrases are too cute.

Now I must start my day and get stuff done. I hope you have a fantastic and productive Sunday!

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