Sunday, October 25, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (10/25)

UPDATE: So I have to address that this is the longest that I've gone without posting anything since June. Since I've pretty much put up a post every day for the last four months being computer-less is driving me crazy. Computer-less? YES. You're probably wondering why....

Well, Justin and I returned from vacation on Monday night.
I took my laptop with us on the trip (which was the worst idea ever) and let's just say the it didn't handle the plane ride so well. I had my laptop in my carry-on which had to be taken out during security, and then put back in, which was then thrown under the plane. Let's just say I didn't keep it with me like I should have and the display went out.

I am currently using my iPad, but cannot upload pictures from it so this is what we're going to have to work with for the next week or two while my laptop is being repaired. Since it's under warranty, I will be shipping it to the company and then waiting for them to repair it and ship it back to me. I will also have access to another laptop that is not mine for the time being, so hopefully I'll have time to get some work done.

Justin and I had such an amazing time in Washington and Oregon and I cannot wait to share pictures as soon as I can get them up.

A great company called Paperless Post has contacted me so hopefully I'll be able to get that post up soon. Next week I will be traveling for work so I have another jam-packed schedule. I recently saw the movie The Intern which was super cute, so look forward to a film review on that soon.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's kind of been a bit stressful for me without my laptop (AKA my life) since I feel naked without it and a whole lot less productive.
Have a great Sunday... go out and do something fun!

- Christine

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