Friday, October 2, 2015

Ralph Lauren Is Stepping Down As CEO

Well it's not a total farewell for American designer Ralph Lauren. He announced that he is leaving his position as chief executive officer of his polo-studded empire, Ralph Lauren Corporation. But don't worry, he's still going to be around!

The 75 year old designer will still be involved in the company, but will take on the role as chief creative officer and executive chairman. 

The man who will be taking Mr. Lauren's spot is 41 year old Stefan Larsson, Old Navy's Global President who has also been head of global sales at H&M. He will begin his new role at Ralph Lauren in November and also have a spot on the company's board. 

It will be interesting to see with Larsson in charge if there will be diffusion lines expanded into lower-priced retailers since his background has has not entitled luxury-based apparel.
{Ralph Lauren (right) with Stefan Larsson in New York}

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