Monday, November 9, 2015

LUSH 12 Days of Christmas

ATTENTION ALL LUSHIES .....It's time to get excited!!!
LUSH 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar $99.95
  • Love and Light Hand Cream 1.5 oz
  • Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb 7.0 oz
  • Butterbear Bath Bomb 2.6 oz
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb 7.8 oz
  • Cinders Bath Bomb 3.1 oz
  • Dashing Santa Bath Bomb 3.5 oz
  • Yog Nog Bath Bomb 6.3 oz
  • 5 Gold Rings Bubble Bar 3.5 oz
  • Snow Angel Bath Melt 3.5 oz
  • Holly Golightly Bubble Bar 7.0 oz
  • Beautiful Shower Gel 3.3fl oz
  • Snowcake Hand Soap 3.5 oz 
If you're someone that is new to LIUSH, want to try out some new products, or simply gift this to a friend or family member it would be perfect for that. The 12 days of Christmas box comes with a perfect variety of bath bombs, bubble bars, creams, shower gels, and soaps. Considering I spent $59 the other day on 4 bath bombs, 1 shower jelly, and 1 face mask this box priced at $100 is such a good deal for what it comes with. I might even purchase this for myself because I have yet to try half the items it comes with. 

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