Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday - Goodbye November

It has been beautiful watching the leaves change colors all month long.

It has also been an eventful month containing lots of birthdays, thanksgiving, and the biggest shopping days of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

If you haven't put together any D.I.Y. Advent calendars then now is the time to do so before tomorrow! 

There are some super cute ones that you can get at Target already made like the Threshold Christmas Wreath, and the Threshold Christmas Tree Box that are perfect for adding your own goodies for inside.

I have stuffed advent calendars before (like the ones you can buy at Target) and have given them to a couple of friends before December starts. The boxes can be small and medium in size, so you must be creative with what you stuff inside. 

Some good ideas would be: lip balm, nail polish, money, gift cards or gift certificates, gum, candy, inspirational quotes or poems, jewelry such as rings, charms, earrings, or small necklaces. Anything that is relatively small in size will fit perfectly. You could also always just gift an already stocked chocolate, coffee, or beauty related calendar that comes with everything ready. There are a variety of them from Benefit, QVC, Starbucks, and LUSH. 

I am super excited for December, not only because of Christmas, but because it's my birthday month. I am a "Christmas baby", really meaning that it's on the 23rd which is close enough. So pretty much from my Birthday to New Years is just a big party for 10 days and I kind of love it that way. 

My goal is to be able to visit New York the last two weeks in December, and be able to ice skate in Rockefeller Center and see the giant Christmas Tree. Maybe I'll get to check that one off my bucket list sooner rather than later.

What to look for in December will be lots of upcoming posts focused around the Christmas-theme featuring gift guides, cooking, and much much more. YAY!

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