Sunday, December 20, 2015

Caffeine with Christine (12/20)

Good Morning Afternoon. Usually every Sunday I'll get up early and write this weekly series post, but this week drained me mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

My mother has been in the hospital for the past five days due to a serious skin infection that took over her body externally. She was released this morning and still has a lot of healing to do. 

It was a stressful and overwhelming week dealing with that and a party we were having for my birthday last night. We went back and forth debating on whether we should cancel, but my mom demanded that we have it anyways. It was nice having family and friends over to celebrate my birthday, but at the same time it felt really weird not having her there. 

I stayed up until 4am last night and slept in today. Justin and I went to the grocery store and stopped by Starbucks to get some much needed caffeine. It was suppose to rain today and tomorrow but I guess that's changed, because there is blue sky and sunshine with not one cloud in sight. 

I am going to take Reddick on a long walk to his favorite park before dinner. We are having Tri-Tip and twice baked potatoes.. one of my favorites! Then at 8 pm I am headed to the airport to pick my best friend up who is flying in from New York to spend Christmas and New Years here. I am so so excited to see her. 

My birthday is Wednesday but I honestly don't have anything planned now that we did something yesterday. This year just feels a lot different with everything going on. I just can't get into the Christmas spirit. 

Well, I  better get to work, the day is half over and I feel like I haven't done anything. But sometimes it's okay to do nothing. I have learned that life is not a race and to just step back and enjoy it. 
(My mother Debbie and I on our way to an event... And my Chestnut Praline Latte at Starbucks with my computer.)

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