Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Songs Worth Listening To

There is nothing like listening to classic Christmas songs that puts me in the Christmas spirit. Especially when I'm decorating the house and the Christmas tree, with cookies in the oven, which fills the house up with a warm and buttery sugar bliss. It makes me so so happy.

My favorite part about the holidays is getting to decorate and spend time with the little family that I have left. Some of my best Christmas memories were always spent with my grandmother who passed away in 2005. It was always a tradition for us to decorate her house together the weekend after Thanksgiving. I would help my cousins decorate their house and tree as well, and we would do it together and play games, which made it so much fun. 

I'm at a weird age of twenty-two right now where I have all these visions of what Christmases will be like with my future family. The house, the tree, the husband, the children. I just cannot wait to start a family of my own and create traditions that my children will remember forever. For me, not only being an only child caused me to grow up in a small family, but my parents had me at such an old age, that it caused me to not have any grandparents (I only got to meet one, and she passed away when I was 13) or existing family.

The holidays are so much more memorable and special when you get to spend quality time with the ones you love. It's not about receiving presents, but for me it's about giving a gift to the people I love and care about, while putting a lot of thought and effort into it.

Below are some of the best Christmas songs to listen to this holiday season that will for sure put a smile on your face this month. There are classic songs from many years ago and a mixture of new ones that are pretty darn good. I hope you enjoy this, and have a great start to an amazing week.

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