Monday, December 7, 2015

Love The Coopers : Film Review

For their annual Christmas Eve celebration, Sam Cooper (John Goodman) and his wife Charlotte (Diane Keaton) welcome four generations of extended family, including son Hank (Ed Helms), daughter Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) and Charlotte's father, Bucky (Alan Arkin). Sam and Charlotte are separating after 40 years of marriage, while Hank is in the middle of a divorce. As the guests reveal their respective problems, they also rediscover the importance of kinship and the spirit of the holiday. 

Released On : November 13, 2015 and Directed By: Jessie Nelson

Love the Coopers may not be everyone's cup of tea during the holiday's, but if you have ever had to prepare a special dinner, or know that some people just don't get along in the same room, you can relate. 

It's definitely a predictable Christmas flick, but the mix between comedy and drama is just the right amount of entertainment. When four generations of a family get together, there is bound to be lies, secrets, and funny moments. 

I quite liked the interaction between Olivia Wilde's character and the guy she meets at the airport. Frankly, the two of them were the only reason I continued watching the film.

Would I watch it again? Sure. Would I buy to own at home? Not exactly. Ehh.. I can say there are a lot better Christmas movies that have been produced. 

With such a talented cast, I had some high expectations. I just wish that Hollywood would get their shit together and make another really good Christmas classic like Home Alone or A Christmas Story. I still have hope. 

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