Friday, January 15, 2016

10 Instagram Accounts Worth Following

1. streichersisters

A trio of beauty professional sisters based in LA who just opened a new beauty studio in Beverly Hills called Striiike. When it comes to hair and makeup -- they're all you need.

2. infatuation

The best "food porn" account featuring some of the most indulgent culinary creations. Their images look so good that you'll want to eat them through the screen.

3. nail_unistella

A manicurist named Alina who does some of the prettiest and minimalist nail art ever.

4. amberfillerup

A braid-obsessed blogger living in NYC with her picture-perfect family and amazing photography skills. I just love them so much.

5. sophiabush

Not only is she one of my favorite TV actresses, but she's also a storyteller, activist, technerd, beauty-lover and all around wonderful human being, She has to be the most down-to-earth star in Hollywoodv -- not to mention one of the most beautiful.

6. cortneydryden

A girl who loves the color pink just as much as I do! Her account just makes me smile.

7. notes2myselfie

An account run by Jilly Hendrix (Lauren Conrad's BFF) who posts screenshots of original and hilarious musings of life.

8. retrieverstagram

Pictures of golden retrievers and labrador puppies, this account will melt your heart if you're a pet lover like myself.

9. paigehathaway

If you're looking for body motivation, here is the place. Paige is a funny fitness entrepreneur who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Her pup is pretty adorable too.

10. ipsy

My favorite beauty subscription service, their account will have you wanting to buy endless amounts of makeup.


  1. I'm already following over half of these accounts... thanks for the suggestions! Instagram is so fun...

  2. I have been wanting to get a beauty subscription for a while now... but I am so undecided between Birchbox and Ipsy.. Which one would you suggest?

    1. Janice, I have gotten both Birchbox and Ipsy before as well as Glossybox.. Considering Birchbox and Ipsy are the same price ($10) I would recommend Ipsy most definitely. Not only do the products come in a super cute makeup bag that you can always re-use for anything, but they include a mixture of eyes, lips, and face all in one bag. Birchbox comes in a box which I usually end up throwing away or gifting it to someone, and they include mostly skincare samples like face wash, and masks... So if you want more for your money, I would get Ipsy if it was my choice! I ended up canceling Birchbox about a year ago for that reason... Hope this helps!