Monday, January 4, 2016

15 Ways To Have The Best 2016

Clean Everything Out
It always makes me feel like a brick has been lifted off my shoulders when everything is cleaned out and organized. I like to go completely through my closet and bathroom drawers and separate items I use frequently from the ones I don't, as well as donate the stuff I never use to charity or Good Will.

Write Down Goals
I have been a very goal-oriented and list-obsessed person since I was a little girl. I enjoy writing down things I want to accomplish in life, goals that I have for the year, and things that I'd like to work on to better myself. You can use a journal, or even write it in your note section on your phone or tablet.

Improve Your Diet 
This is one of the biggest and most challenging goals for me this year. I'd like to focus more on my body and what I'm putting into it. I want to fully transform and push my body to be the best that it can be. Especially at 23 years old, I know this is the time where I need to focus the most on becoming a healthier version of myself. 

Drink More Water
This is serious. Most people never actually grasp how important water is to our mind, body, and soul. I am one of those people, because I hate drinking water-- unless I'm working out and it's 100 degrees or something awfully similar. I have struggled with not drinking enough water my entire life, but this year I am setting a goal to drink the daily amount every day or as often as I can.

Drive Safely
At least three times a week I get yelled at by my boyfriend, parents, or friends for "driving too fast". Everyone says that they think I'm in a race every time I go somewhere. It sounds much worse than it really is. Yes, I have a lead foot, and I do need to slow down a little bit because I don't need another ticket (I have 3 speeding tickets in the last 5 years) and I want to be a safer driver for myself and others around me.

Get Inspired
I mention inspiration throughout some of my other posts and it is a key tool in life. Getting inspiration from others actually drives us to be better mentally and physically. It motivates us to be more productive and do better things. You can use anything around you to inspire you in your life.

Set A Fitness Goal
It's all about getting into a routine when trying to work on your fitness game. For example, I am going to try and go to the gym every morning at 5AM before work for 5 days a week. Yes, that is going to take my body a little while to get used to, but once I get into a routine I know it will become a lot easier and I will look forward to it every day. Set a goal on what parts of your body you want to work on more and stick to it.

Take Photos Often
I am usually really good about taking a lot of photos wherever I go. Personally, a lot of times I do it for the social media aspect of it but it's good to be able to remember the good times you have. Photos last a lifetime, and it's best when you can actually recall the experiences you had. 

Listen To Uplifting Music 
My radio is programmed to the five stations that I listen to the most. I am always listening to hip hop, or "today's hit" and I never really change it up. I'd like to go beyond the radio and discover new artists that I've never heard before. Using Spotify is really good when it comes to playlists and I know that you could always try Apple Music for free the first month.

Use A Planner
My planner is my life. Literally it makes my life so much easier and that way I don't have to stress about forgetting anything. By using a planner, you can write out your week, see what's going on the entire month, write down to-do lists, and schedule your finances. It's become fun for me to write and decorate inside of mine. It goes with me everywhere.

Take Time For Yourself
I have a serious FOMO disorder-- "Fear Of Missing Out" and it sometimes affects my life in a negative way. From being an only child I was bored a lot which always had me searching for something to do. So now any time someone asks me to do something or invites me to go anywhere I always say yes because I never want to miss out on anything. 

Eat Breakfast Daily
I rarely ever eat breakfast because I would rather sleep a little bit longer than cook myself something to eat in the morning. Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and especially after a morning workout I need to start eating something (even if it's small) every morning before or on the way to work. 

Smile More
One of my favorite quotes is up on the top of this post. "Be the reason someone smiles today". I truly believe that it will change your attitude if you just smile a little but more throughout the day. Even if you do something little and kind for somebody you can give them a reason to smile too. 

Use Your Brain
This sounds like common sense but sometimes we have so many things going on in our head that we forget to take a step back and think. This happens quite often for me and I have began to lose my short-term memory at times. Sometimes it happens more frequently and scares me. Just slow down and take time to think before you act.

Travel Around The World
Traveling educates us more about society and lets us experience things that we wouldn't get to see if we just stayed in the same place. There is so much of the world that we have to experience and different cultures to learn about. My goal is to be able to travel more and go to a few new places that I've never been.

I hope this motivates you to have a great year. What are some of your new years "resolutions" if you have any? I'd love to see what your goals of the year are.

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, I really hope this year is a good one.
    I am looking forward to starting a new career change and buying my first home.
    Thanks for the positive inspiration. You're blog is great :) - Sarah