Monday, January 18, 2016

Derek Zoolander Lands February Vogue Cover

Yes it's true. Zoolander 2 (releasing February 12th) has been marketing and advertising pretty heavily ever since last March when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson unexpectedly closed Valentino's runway show at Paris Fashion Week in characters as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. But the team really outdid themselves when Derek Zoolander landed on the cover of February 2016 VOGUE. Damn.

The ever-so talented Annie Leibovitz shot the cover where Stiller poses with co-star Penelope Cruz and then also mingles with other stars in the spread. "Stiller, who also directed Zoolander 2 did not do the interview as the oft-confused male model." Although Karl Lagerfeld declined a cameo, Ben Stiller did convince Marc Jacobs to appear in the movie as himself.

I recently watched the first Zoolander movie just about a couple of years ago, and could not get past their horribly annoying sounding voices -- but I must go see what all the hype is about on this second film. I think it's only necessary. 

If Anna Wintour is putting him on the cover, it's kind of a big deal. Check out a few photos from the shoot below, and head over to Vogue to read the full story. 

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  1. I enjoy watching Ben Stiller in movies like the Meet the Parents series and Along Came Polly... But when it comes to Zoolander I just can't take him seriously with that face! It makes me laugh so hard.