Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Mail - January 2016

I have a 12 month commitment with A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail Subscription which I started in May of last year. In order to get the lowest price of $15 a month you must commit to them for a full year. 

Now that this is my 9th order I am still so excited and happy every month this comes. I've always loved writing and collecting cards for different people. What's especially unique about this subscription service is that not a lot of people get it so you are almost guaranteed to never re-gift anyone a card. 

I have gotten really creative and started organizing all my cards by category so it is really easy for me to find one for an occasion whenever I need it. 

"With cinnamon buns and tasty pineapplesthis kit is full of yummy goodness! The colorful day of the week notepad will certainly help you keep your snail mail on track, and the cute stamp stickers are perfect for all your BFFs far far away. This month's Happy Mail will not disappoint!"

  • 8 Cards 
  • 8 Standard Envelopes 
  • 1 Postcard 
  • 1 8x10 "Yes Please" Art Print
  • 1 Week Notepad
  • 1 4x6 Sheet of Square Cassette Tape Stickers (20 total stickers)
  • 1 "Congrats" Specialty Envelope 

Just look at how cute this stationary is.. I cannot get over how well the cards are made and the quality of the paper. It's super cool how each card is designed by a employee of the company and everything is deeply thought of and created in a meaningful way. 

For example, the "Yes Please" art print this month is inspired by Amy Poehler's new book. 
Which I have not read yet, but definitely have on my wishlist.  

My favorite part about this subscription are the art prints that come inside. Each month one 8x10 print is included with a cute design and an awesome phrase. I'm getting ready to frame each one and hang them all up in my office. They are bright, and make for good decor! 

If you love stationary and cards, I recommend getting this subscription. Because for only $15 you get 8 cards ($1.87 each) plus other items. Usually cards this price are around $4-$8 which is crazy!

I cannot say enough good things about this company! 

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