Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lovatics by Demi Lovato for NYC Cosmetics

Demi Lovato has a new makeup collaboration coming out with New York Color. The collection includes three lip and cheek tints, a mascara, two eyebrow liners, and a beautiful universal palette. The eyeshadow palette ($4.99) has a gorgeous collection of 12 nude and smoky shimmery shades. The lip and cheek tints ($3.99) can be built in pigmentation by layering. You can swipe one stroke on your cheek to blend it in really well, or you can layer multiple times on your lips to get a bold effect. The volume and lengthening mascara ($4.99) is suppose to give your lashes 11x more volume and lengthen your lashes by 64%. Lastly, the eyebrow liners ($1.99) enables you to fill in your brow with color, and blend it and shape it by using the brush at the end.

I love when celebrities come out with makeup collections because it shows a lot about their personality and the things they like. Demi Lovato has come a long way these past few years in figuring out who she is and what she wants. Through those years she has built a personal style with all around cool and bad-ass attitude. I feel like these products represent her really well. They sound like amazing quality for such an affordable price tag. My past experiences with NYC have not been the best but I am willing to give this collection a go. 


  1. Where can I find these products? Are they released in drugstores yet? I am so excited to try some of them out.. let me know!

    1. Great questions Olivia -- The entire collection will be sold in Walmart and Target stores nationwide... Now as to when, there is not a "set date" yet, all we know now is that it will be out sometime by the end of January, and before February!