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Year in Nails - 2015

This was a requested post from a reader (Lesley Smith) in my last Sunday's Caffeine with Christine post. She suggested that I put together all my nail colors I had last year to take a look back and see since I may not have shared them all on my blog. I usually post my nail pictures on my Instagram account, so be sure to follow me there if you don't want to miss out. It was fun to put this post together and see all the fun colors I had over the year.

I have been going to a salon called E Nails in Fresno, California for about two years now. My nail technician (Tuyet) is fantastic and she works well with me to experiment with what I want. I have her put gel polish on using the LED light which lasts about 3-4 weeks so I can usually go about every month unless I want a color change sooner. Last year the only month I painted them myself was September because I wanted to try the matte top coat since they don't have any matte colors there.

I'd love to hear what some of your nail color combinations are, and where you like to get your nails done.
(January 2015)
I knew I wanted warm, dark colors for colder weather, so I chose to mix grey and gold together to create a 50 Shades Of Grey inspired look. You'll notice that I love to add glitter to the top of the nail and gradually bring it down to create an ombre effect. This is one of my top favorites!
(February 2015)
As soon as I saw this lovely lavender color, I instantly fell in love with it. It was so beautiful by itself that I only added a slight silver glitter all over my ring finger.
(March 2015)
I had never painted my nails green before this, and now I remember why. After about a day I was already over it and wanted to change the color, but I left it for a couple of weeks through St. Patrick's Day. I though I'd combine a light green and dark green, but it just turned out unpleasant. I think it would have been better if I chose a more forest green color. Oh well, it was interesting that's forsure!
(April 2015)
This is probably one of my favorite bright pinks that I've ever worn. I think I had it on my nails a few different times throughout the year. It is another color similar to the lavender that just looks really pretty by itself, so all I did was add a silver glitter all over my ring finger. I got so many compliments on these.

(May 2015)

I liked the idea of combining peach with an aqua color so I came up with this combination. I out peach on all of them except the ring finger with a top light gold glitter all over the nail. For the ring finger I did a light aqua with long silver vertical glitter to add texture. It turned out to be what I wanted and went great with everything.

(May 2015)
I originally saw this from a Pinterest post and had to try it because I loved it so much. I would say that this was my most "liked" nail picture that I posted on Instagram, but maybe because in the full image I had Reddick in the background!

(June 2015)
Every time I'm about to get my nails done I ask my boyfriend what color I should paint them. Every time his response is black. I will rarely ever just paint them a plain color so I took half his suggestion and then added a touch of pink. I also found a pink & black glitter that was really pretty so I added that to the top of every nail. I loved these!

(June 2015) -- my hand is on the right, and to my left is my friend Allison's nails.
I used the same pink as before and the same peach color, and then added a full silver glitter to the ring finger. I loved how these colors went together so well. Bright colors for the summer make me soo happy!

(July 2015)
This was similar to the pink, white, and gold nails I had in May... But instead, I tried a silver on the ring, white on my index, and then a red/orange color on the rest of my nails. It was somewhat Fourth-0f-July appropriate.

(July 2015)
I was fairly tan in July even though you can't tell in this picture. I wanted to try a light nude color that would make me look darker, and try a more simple and natural approach. Turns out it went perfect with my friend Chrissy's MK bag. To keep it clean, I added a gold glitter on the top to every nail. Pretty!

(August 2015)
This was another "first" when it came to color. Yellow can either be a hot or a miss. I actually liked the way this turned out. I was able to use my favorite bright pink color on the ring finger and then add a multi-colored speckled polish all over my ring finger. This was a perfect set to end Summer on a bright and happy note.

(September 2015)
Sometimes my nail color reflects my attitude and personality. September is always a hard month for me due to the anniversary of my grandmother's death. I also wanted to experiment with "MATTE" polishes so I painted my nails all-black and then added the Sally Hansen matte top coat.

(October 2015)
I absolutely despise the color orange on my fingers, so there was no way I was getting Halloween nails. I chose a navy color and then added thick vertical silver glitter to the top. Funny story: Justin and I flew to Washington to visit some friends and family. Turns out my nails matched our plane (Alaska Airlines) and the flight attendants loved them!

 (November 2015)
I found the perfect pale pink color and added a baby pink and silver glitter to the ring finger. Very basic, yet classic.
If you can't tell, pink is a staple color of mine.

(December 2015)
My favorite Christmas nails of all time. I loved how the snowflakes turned out. Maybe next time I'll add a green glitter to the red. I looked on Pinterest and then kind of just customized them from something similar.

(December 2015/January 2016)
These were my New Years Nails. Not surprising that I went with black and gold. My favorite part about this set was the bold chunky black glitter that I layered on top of the gold. These were fun to end the year! 

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