Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hair Trend - Underlights

I know that I personally wouldn't be able to dye my hair any unnatural colors for my job, but now there is a hair trend where maybe I can do that now! 

Underlights are the new way to wear rainbow hair - in secret. 

It's hard to be a risk taker without putting it all out there. If you've been obsessing over Instagram posts with bright colored hair, you just might be in luck to try it on your own locks. 

"The process involves a colorist selecting only the underside of your hair to bleech, tone, and color, while either leaving the top section alone or dyeing it a more subtle shade."

Below are four Instagram worthy photos of some lovely colorful, yet subtle-enough hair.
I'd love to try out the four image, considering my hair is about that same color of blonde.
I wonder if I could pull it off.....!?

FUN FACT: The #underlights tag on Instagram already has over 5,000 posts.

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