Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 & Update

As you're probably aware yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and in my opinion it was a really good game. I don't follow football at all, but I wanted the Broncos to win so Peyton Manning could have his Cinderella story which he did. We had a huge party at the house with lots of delicious junk food and good company. I didn't win any money in our football pool, however it was still a good time.
What I was looking forward to the most were the commercials. They are so fun and entertaining to watch and seem to be getting more creative every year. Out of all 57 that were shown throughout the game, I had a few favorites that caught my attention more than the others. 

Doritos Ultrasound Commerical -- this was hilarious!

Heinz Wiener Stampede -- how can you not love a field of wiener dogs?!

Coca-Cola Mini : Ant Man vs. Hulk --the smallest and biggest super heroes brought together!

Hyundai "Ryanville" -- what a hottie; this made me giggle.

Mountain Dew Kickstart "PugMonkeyBaby" -- the funniest combination, EVER!

Caffeine with Christine : WHERE HAVE I BEEN?
I decided to take some advanced courses in selling and sales promotion as well as a computer class that has me learning code. I have been extra busy with real-world work, online work, and family festivities that has had me occupied more lately than I'd like to admit. I'd really like to get a "routine" down and a set schedule where I can continue to post on a daily basis. I plan on doing that soon. I hope you all had a wonderful Monday and continue to have a superb week. 

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