Sunday, April 3, 2016

Charlotte Olympia for M.A.C. Spring 2016

M.A.C. is known for it's killer collaborations, and the latest is no exception. The 21-piece collection with Charlotte Olympia includes 3 different red lipsticks to match different skin tones, a deep brown liquid eyeliner, 3 different nail polishes, among other swoon-worthy items. This gorgeous Spring collection brings together a selection of makeup products inspired by silver screen legends, old Hollywood glamour, and pin-up beauties. I'd call this a masterpiece of glamour days from the past. 

"I think I fell in love with glamour," says Olympia, describing the times she used to watch old movies with her mother when she was young. "It wasn't just the fashion. It was the whole look. It was the makeup, the hair, the clothing, the accessories, the mood". 

Did I mention.... the PACKAGING is to-die-for !!!

Pigment $23, Mascara $18, Liquid Eyeliner $22, Lipstick $18

Lip Mix $16, Pro Longwear Lip Pencil $21, Cream Colour Base $23

Nail Lacquer $13, Eyeshadow Brush $33, Lash Brush $16, Eyelash Curler $23

Blot Film $17, Mirror Compact $13

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  1. Even with all the amazing collaborations they have, I still have not managed to purchase a MAC product... Mostly I blame the inconvenience. I never go to the mall, so Sephora and ULTA are pretty much my go-to stores.. I wish MAC had more locations... I just need to go already... And after seeing your post about this collection, I definitely want to even more now!
    Thanks for sharing.