Monday, April 11, 2016

Sick Puppy -- Update

This past weekend was "ruff"(pun intended)... I caught a bad cold from Justin who is recovering from Bronchitis. We both pretty much slept all weekend. 

Today is the first day I'm actually starting to feel a little better, as well as himself. I was able to get out of my pajamas, put a little makeup on, and get some things done. 

I needed to get my car in for an oil change, so I dropped it off at Tire Pros. Justin and I walked to get some lunch while we waited. We ordered a little too much food for lunch so the left over wrapped tacos we couldn't eat were given to the homeless man outside the door. He was so grateful to be getting a little bit of food in his stomach and his reaction totally made my day. 

It's the little things that matter the most in life. Justin and I leave for Concord next weekend to visit his cousin Stacy. While we are down there, we'll be going to the 2016 Bay Area Craft Beer Festival at Martinez Waterfront Park, so that'll be fun!

Have a lovely and productive week.
xoxo  Christine.

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