Thursday, May 19, 2016

Luxury Lip Balm

I will gladly label myself as a lip balm addict. It has become a daily essential and it has gotten to the point where I'd feel strange if there wasn't one near me at all times. Since high school, when I had to take Accutane, (a strong acne medication) my skin has been prone to dryness -- especially my lips. 

I have had a bad habit of picking them when they get dry, which is why it's crucial for them to stay hydrated and moisturized. Pink is my favorite color, rose is one of my favorite scents, which is why I have listed just about the BEST seven lip balms on the market. 

I've done some research, and not only is the packaging to-die-for but the quality of ingredients in these products is incredible. They all range with a steep price tag (minus one) -- but they will last a long time and will be worth the money if you want soft, smooth, hydrated and kissable lips. I had a lot of fun putting this collage together and will definitely have to take a trip to Sephora for some re-stocking soon! 

The perfect brightening pick-me-up for tired and dry lips. Formulated with restructing ceramides, protective Vitamin E and concentrated shea butter, this soft formula enhances and replenishes lips, leaving a soft subtle sheen, containing 48 nourishing ingredients.

A comfortable non-greasy lip balm that soothes and protects the lips. Specially formulated with wheat germ and avocado and olive oils, it provides immediate comfort while aloe vera and beeswax hydrates the lips. 

Adds the perfect pop of color while conditioning your lips, all while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. It's infused with emollient Viamerine and gives a signature floral scent. 

What a steal! This is a cult favorite of mine for many years. It calms and heals irritation, and soothes the sting of minor burns. This is a nourishing remedy not only for your lips, but your entire body.

A must-have for damaged lips. All it's nourishing power comes from the rare and precious Damask Rose essential oil extract, mixed together with an anti-aging complex and shea butter.

This innovative formula moisturizes and adds a flushed tint to your lips. It contains a pigment that reacts with the skin's humidity. The water-soaked hyaluronic spheres fill in lines to increase volume. It's rich in fatty acids and makes the lips extra soft with lipid-replenishing Luffa Oil. 

With organic virgin coconut oil and hydrating rose absolute this product works to help protect, smooth, and soften lips. The best part, it contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, parabens, or fillers. 

Mango butter moisturizes, apricot berry protects against winds, and lingonberry oil locks in hydration. Not only does this smell incredible, but the non-greasy formula melts across your lips for a dewy feel.

An ultra-nourishing formula housed in a sleek pot that smooths and soften lips. Sea fennel extract improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area. Total luxury. 

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