Saturday, May 21, 2016

Makeup Hacks

There are tons of pins on Pinterest and videos on YouTube that feature makeup hacks that seem pretty genius, but do they actually work? I've found that most of them fail, however a few of them actually work, and some I incorporate in my everyday makeup routine.

Picking the right foundation -- A lot of people test foundation on their forearm or wrist because it is convenient, however you don't get a true color because your face is usually a couple tones lighter than your arm. Make sure you're in the best natural light you can find, and swatch a few different shades on the bottom side of your neck to find the perfect shade for you. Once I've found a shade that matches me I hold onto it -- I switch off between my Summer and Winter shades all year long.

Smudge Away -- Make your makeup look instantly sexier by smudging and softening your eyeliner. Even if you're not going for a smokey eye, apply a thin layer of non-liquid eyeliner to the top of your eyelid and smudge it out with an eyeliner sponge or thin eye brush. It will look so much better, and way more blendable.

Use highlighters -- I never knew the importance of highlighting until recently. Not only does it brighten your face to create a beautiful glow, but it highlights your strongest features. You can also apply a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye and right below your eyebrows to give you a more awake look. 

Apply Mascara The Right Away -- Wiggle the applicator back and forth as you apply mascara to your top lashes. Keep doing this until they appear full and thick. 

Use Scotch Tape -- If you are in no way a professional at applying makeup like myself, sometimes you just need a little help. The scotch tape trick actually works. Place a small piece on the corner of your eye to use as a base in order to get the perfect winged eye look. 

Cover Under-Eye Circles -- This is a trick that I recently just started doing that I was totally impressed by. If you apply a small amount of red lipstick under your eye, blend it in real well, and then add concealer. This will completely cover any under eye circles you have.

Make Lipstick Last All Day -- After applying your lipstick, blot with a tissue, and then dust translucent powder to seal in place... Trust me, your lipstick will stay for hours upon hours. It's impressive. 

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  1. I still haven't been able to master the scotch tape trick.. Somehow I turn my face into a canvas and it turns way too crazy. I'll have to try it again soon.